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The CWN President's Monthly Letter to Members


CWN President's Letter -
June 2019

Published at - Click for Mapquest Map

Stevens Point, WI

Central Wisconsin Network, Inc. (CWN) - Newsletter
5410 Woodland Street
Stevens Point, WI 54482

Bringing Singles Together

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The Prez Says --

“Single and looking for something to do?”.

The next CWN Dance is at the Ashley Ballroom on June 22. See the newsletter for the details, as well as info about the music of the Gray Catz at Saint Joe’s on Saturday June 1, a Potluck and Bonfire that can be seen from space June 21, the official announcement signup for the Boat Cruise on the Chain on July 21, a new camping event up-north on Big Lake August 2-4, and CWN Annual Picnic August 17. This is in addition to all the other events like biking, golf, socials, and movies.

We are looking for people interested in helping with the Social Committee, -- coordinating, sometimes sponsoring, and always communicating our events. We also need a Vice-President, Secretary, additional Board members, and are looking for someone to help with the audit of CWN finances. Like many organizations, CWN also faces the challenges of keeping our club active and getting enough member participation. Please contact me or another Board member if you are interested or have other ideas.

Summer Dance Dates Have Been Announced
-- June 22, 2019 - Ashley Ballroom
-- July 13, 2019 - Moose Lodge
-- August 24, 2019 - Ashley Ballroom
.... Fall Dance Dates will be finalized and announced in June ...

At the May CWN Board of Directors meeting there was a discussion by the Board of the Guidelines and Expectations, Dance Etiquette, and the current “CWN does not pre-screen members” Policies.

The CWN Policies and Procedures (P&P) state the “The newsletter shall contain the following disclaimer: CWN does not screen its members or guests; please use caution and good judgment when establishing relationships. “ The P&P also state the “ Dance/Social Committees and Board members have the right to ask people to leave the dance for inappropriate behavior, i.e., unwanted advances, disruption, abusive language, and/or criminal acts.”

The following appear in every Newsletter – on the last page.

ETIQUETTE Should you witness/experience inappropriate behavior at any of our CWN events, we advise you to seek out a Board Member to address the issue. We want all of our members and guests to feel comfortable at our events. Board Members are present to defuse any unpleasant situations. RELATIONSHIPS CWN does not screen its members. Members and guests are advised to use good judgment when establishing relationships. It is expected that proper etiquette, chivalry, and behavior will be exhibited at all CWN events.

After input from all the board members, the consensus was that the current P&P are still adequate and appropriate, therefor, the was no motion for changes. We want our dances and other event to continue to be fun activities and welcome your future input.

Dig through the whole Newsletter, including the last page, for the details and info about the other fun events.

Contact: Joe Tylka: President, 715-321-2999 or joetylka@yahoo.com




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